T   I   M      B   L   A   K   E      R   E   A   L      E   S   T   A   T   E   


Questions for Tim:

What can you say sets you apart when it comes to Real Estate?

I would say the diversity of my background. I've seen a lot in my career, from residential to commercial real estate, underwriting and acquisition of commercial, office and industrial investment properties acquired for the City of San Jose, where I headed up acquisitions for their real estate advisor, NBS Realty Advisors. My contact base continues to help my clients with virtually any real estate needs, anywhere. And the quality of listening to client needs is a cornerstone of mine. This is a relationship business, and the extent of relationships from all aspects of a transaction and in the community is a big part of success with my clients. I do like to surround myself with excellence, and there are great people in this profession. 

What do you love most about what you do?

 I very much enjoy connecting people with others who can add to the quality of their lives. I thank all my clients, quality people across all types of professions, who have all made this career so rewarding. This area is more than a place to live. Silicon Valley is an experience. There is so much to do here in the Bay Area and surrounding areas, and to share what I know with others is gratifying.

Tim provides complete brokerage services for residential properties. Tim directly oversees services in the areas from the mid Peninsula to the South Bay, and new or newer homes extending beyond the local area extending to the Napa Valley to the north and Carmel area to the south. Tim's background in both financial aspects of real estate and architecture bring a broad base of expertise to clients. Tim's experience and length of time in the real estate industry allows him to accomplish varied client needs and help connect them to the Silicon Valley community.

 Where the specialty in need extends beyond Tim’s personal reach, he connects with the best local presence in real estate knowledge to help service whatever the needs. Because of Tim’s commercial real estate background, he also works with connecting people with commercial requirements to specialists in the market to handle their special needs.

 Going back to his degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, Tim also does consulting work with architects and developers, and works with them regarding design needs for commercial developments in California.