T   I   M      B   L   A   K   E      R   E   A   L      E   S   T   A   T   E   

McWay Falls, Big Sur

Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula

All of these images above come to life with the added app of Aurasma on your smart phone. Simply download this app, search for TimBlakeImagery once logged in, find Tim Blake Public Auras, click on this and then click on the 'follow' button that comes up on the next screen. Once following, close and open the program and your phone will now be coded to bring these images to life by hovering the phone over each image as though in a position to photo the photo. Add volume on your phone, listen with headphones, and you are in for a virtual trip to the destination. The Sand Harbor live scene has a sound track added from The Sound Healing Center in San Francisco, courtesy of David Gibson. More on Imagery to Life scenes at www.TimBlakeImagery.com. Enjoy!



Tim is also about connecting people to the beauty around us. Here are a sample of amazing destinations that are within reach of us in the Bay Area. Pictured here are Big Sur, Pacific Grove, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe.  

Sand Harbor Cove, North Shore Lake Tahoe

Question for Tim

How about a few thoughts on the personal side?

Sure. I'm a big believer in staying in the best possible condition - athletically, nutritionally, and having a clear head. I've done triathlons in Catalina, and it's great to have a goal to aim for. Among other goals I want to give back, and I'm working on a book of photography for health challenged kids, Imagery To Life, to go into children's health facilities . Pretty simply, I like to make a difference..

One other side of me I enjoy sharing is my photography website, www.TimBlakeImagery.com. Many photographs are local, giving people an idea of the incredible places we have hee to visit. People may move here for the opportunity, and they stay for the lifestyle.

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley

"This area is more than a place to live. Silicon Valley is an experience."