Pine Grove Office Complex


New Residence

Ruby Hill, Pleasanaton


Santa Cruz Mountains

New Owen Signature Home

 Los Altos

Here are some of the acquisitions that Tim put together when Director of Acquisitions at NBS Realty Advisors on behalf of the City of San Jose Pension Funds

Tim is located in the Coldwell Banker office in Los Gatos, CA, where he assists clients with their real estate need using his source of connections in Silicon Valley, California, the US and internationally when the need arises. What you see ahead is a brief look at some of the real estate, people and organizations that Tim has been associated with over the years. As this is a relationship business, some of the people and organizations that have been a part of this are mentioned in appreciation of the part that they have played.

 Tim has helped a number of clients relocate to and within Silicon Valley, and in turn, a number of companies and organizations in the Valley. Below are some of the names associated with the clients Tim has helped with their housing needs.


Agilent Technologies      Altera      Apple      AT&T       Cendant       Cisco Systems      Connetics 
CPS Commercial Brokerage      EBay       Foremost-McKesson      Google      Hitachi       HP      IBM

In-N-Out Burger      KPMG      Lockheed      Lockheed      Medtronic      Microsoft      Network Today      Nvidia 
Owen Signature Homes      Plus Relocation      Raychem      RetailNext      San Jose National Bank 
Solectron      Sony Ericsson      SR-One Venture Capital      Stanford University     Super Micro
Sygate Technologies      Symantec      Tyco      Wells Fargo Bank      Yahoo

Following a degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley and Associate AIA, Tim has had extensive experience in Real Estate since 1974, including the financial analysis and acquisition of institutional investment property. The relationships that Tim has established over the years gives him an uncommon ability to connect real estate needs for people, anywhere, and for whatever need, whether it is residential or commercial real estate, with the best professionals. Tim also does consulting with architects and developers.
Here is a look at several acquisitions Tim has been instrumental in bringing together.


New Owen Signature  Home

Los Altos

New Residence

Los Gatos

Saddleback Financial Center  Laguna Hills

T   I   M      B   L   A   K   E      R   E   A   L      E   S   T   A   T   E   


Ontario Airport Commerce Center



Los Gatos

Questions for Tim:

What was your first job in Real Estate and who inspired you?

I began my real estate career, first in commercial real estate at Coldwell Banker Commercial in San Jose. My father had been in the mortgage business with a strong background in law from Stanford, and I had my original inspiration from him for his character and reputation in the industry. He did much of the financing for Joe Eichler. Joe's home designs gave me the idea of architecture.

How has your education helped contribute to your career, as it has?

Quite well for what was to come. I attended UC Berkeley's School of Architecture with a number of business and finance courses, including courses in real estate from Marv Starr, considered the father of real estate exchanging. I graduated from Cal focused to enter into the real estate industry, with a background in architecture, and a good sense of business and finance.