T   I   M      B   L   A   K   E      R   E   A   L      E   S   T   A   T   E   


​​Tim currently deals with a client group that can involve residential, land and commercial brokerage, and consulting with architects and developers.


​​​​Tim has been practicing real estate since the mid 70's. He has a background in commercial and residenti​al brokerage, institutional work, and consulting with his architectural background.


Tim has established a dedicated website for resource information for client knowledge in the marketplace containing regional and local information for real estate and related topics.

Tim has his office at Coldwell Banker in Los Gatos. Contact information is found in the link below.


A big part of Tim's interest is in making a difference for health challenged kids. He is currently working on a project to bring the healing power of nature to kids in health facilities.



Tim is also about connecting people to the beauty around us. It is a special place in the Bay Area that we live and work and so close to amazing destinations.