Tim has always had a passion for connecting people, the best with the best. It is what he loves to do. It is part of his long range planning to provide real estate services for you wherever there may be a need. With the network he has established through Coldwell Banker as well as other real estate contacts over the years and decades, he has an extensive network that he has access to in finding the best professional for any given real estate need, wherever it is and for whatever requirement, whether sales, leasing, property management, or consulting. This can even extend out of the US where there is an international requirement.

As to property type, he can connect whatever real estate sector that is needed, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or investment real estate encompassing any of these specialties. He connects the best professional for the task and track their progress, always with a thought for excellence in service. It is of high value to have an extra set of eyes on a connection to maximize the relationships and success.

Resources and Connecting Wherever the Need


T    I    M        B    L    A    K    E        R    E    A    L        E    S    T    A    T    E